Daily Driven Exotics – Corsa XEN 2017 Sponsorship

Corsa America Rally is proud to announce Daily Driven Exotic Cars as a sponsor and attendee of Corsa America Rally XEN. We welcome Damon Fryer to the Corsa Family, as we visit Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs post-SEMA. Corsa America XEN is Corsa’s 10th Rally and features 5-star hotels, including the Aria Las Vegas, Intercontinental, and Waldorf-Astoria.Corsa America XEN runs from November 3rd, 2017 to November 8, 2017. Packages start at just $2,500 and registration is open now.  
Daily Driven Exotic Cars aka DDE is the brand created by Damon Fryer, who has driven all over North America seeking out the greatest and most exclusive exotic cars. Damon has a YouTube following over nearly 100,000 subscribers, and views in the tens of millions on YouTube. With a vast social media following globally, Damon is also most known and recognized from the some of the most premier automotive lifestyle rallies such as “goldRush Rally”, Fuel Run, and Exotics on Cannery Row in Monterey, and recently the addition of the DDE’s very own winter super car rally called Snowball Rally, to many of the hottest super car cars & coffee events and of course SEMA!
Through the success of social media, everyone keeps up to date and follows the adventures of DDE that include extravagant and wild car rallies/road trips, to exclusive stunting videos with pro driver appearances and adventures in the most unusual places to ever see a super car. Damon shares his personal experiences in the exotic car world with an honest and personal touch that is not found elsewhere. He connects with fans, friends, followers and partners via many social media streams, and especially through his YouTube videos.
The brand Daily Driven Exotic Cars started in September 2012 by Damon Fryer after a video that was posted on his YouTube channel went viral. This video captured Damon racing his Lamborghini Gallardo through the back roads and forest of B.C. Canada. The video gained popularity because of the way he drove the Lamborghini (like a WRC rally car driver kicking up dirt and drifting around corners) gaining 4,500,000 million views and still counting.
Damon is a husband and father of three. Many of his fans and friends will characterize him as being hardworking, enthusiastic, inspirational, courteous, honest and committed. Damon uses his experiences and enthusiasm to deliver the world of daily driven exotics to his fast-growing audience.
An important part of Daily Driven Exotic Cars is the super cars Damon drives. Burning rubber off the tires at every stop he makes across North America. In recent years he owned many different super cars, from the latest addition DDE 2.0 Lamborghini Huracan LP800-2, to the formerly built Ferrari 458 GTR, “infamous” Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 430 Scuderia and his Maserati Granturismo MC. Damon love cars and is constantly looking for the next DDE super cars to be added to the fleet!
To signup for Corsa America Rally XEN and join Damon Fryer on-route visit https://corsaamerica.com/xen
To see DDE’s YouTube Videos visit https://www.youtube.com/user/DailyDrivenExotics