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Corsa America Rally announces Corsa Cross Country Exotic Car Rally

Corsa America Rally is proud to announce our first Cross-Country Rally, May 4th – May 12th, 2018.  This rally will be our Most Luxurious Exotic Car Rally in our history.  In a groundbreaking launch, Corsa America Rally is the first United States rally to include not only Hotels and Parking, but also Food and Beverage, Limo Service, and Veteran Concierge Service.  This fully integrated Luxury Rally is like no other.  Starting at just $3,000 for the East Coast, $3,500 for the West Coast, and $8,000 for the entire country (including non-stop Flight and Car Shipping), this rally will not only be the most luxurious, but also one of the most affordable rallies in the U.S.

The Cross-Country Rally includes 14 hours of Ultra-Premium Open Bars, 14 Luxury Hand-Crafted Meals, and nothing below a 4-Diamond/Star Hotel.   The Rally has 40 AAA Diamonds across the entire rally.  50% of our Hotels have achieved AAA Five-Diamond Status.  One, the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, has achieved a Triple Five-Diamond Rating, and is classified one of the best Hotels in the World.  Hotel brands include the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Intercontinental, Trump Hotels & Resorts, Mandarin Oriental, SPG Luxury Collection, Kimpton Hotel Monaco, and MGM Grand Detroit.  Working with these Top Luxury Brands, Corsa America Rally attendees will experience the utmost of Luxurious Surroundings and Service, while costing up to 60% less than competing rallies. 

Our Rally includes not only better hotels than other competing rallies, but also better service.  The Cross-Country Rally includes our Exclusive Corsa Concierge Service.  This Rally industry first takes current 5-Star Hotel Concierges, with over 40 years of combined experience, and puts them at the disposal of our participants.  Our participants will receive breakdown support on-rally, door to door luggage service, preference-based surprises, prime dining/table reservations, and full 24/7 on-call anything, anytime service from Corsa Concierge, and a level of organization never before seen on a rally.  Just another way Corsa America Rally is moving rallies to the next level, providing consistent 5-Star Service across the country.  

Costing up to 60% less than competitor’s rallies, Corsa America Rally offers groundbreaking pricing, for the veteran rally participant and new rally participants alike.  New Participants will be guided by our expert Concierge staff assisting with every question and need as First-Time Rally Participants.

Also included is Track Days, Top Nightclubs, Police Escorts and Parades, Limousine Transportation, Apparel, and more.

Cities visited include New York City, Cleveland Ohio, Detroit Michigan, Chicago Illinois, Vail Colorado, Salt Lake City Utah, Las Vegas Nevada, and San Diego California.

Corsa Cross-Country is limited to 125 cars per leg, and will sell out.  Reserve your spot today!

To signup for Corsa America Cross Country, visit , Pricing starts at just $3,000 for the EAST and $3,500 for the WEST.  Full Cross-Country is available starting at just $8,000 including car transport (CHI->DEN) and Flight.  Registration is open now.

Sponsorship Opportunities are available starting at just $7,000.  Please contact for more information on sponsorship.

About AAA Diamond Ratings:
Every year AAA reviews 28,000 Hotels. Just 0.4% make the AAA 5-Diamond List. Only 5.9% of Hotels make the AAA 4-Diamond List. Corsa America Rally strives for 5 Diamonds in all our cities, but in many cities there are not 5-Diamond Offerings, or the hotels do not have the capacity to host our event, in those cities we find the best 4-Diamond Hotel. AAA Diamond Ratings are much more stringent than Star Ratings, and are verified by AAA through anonymous stays by AAA Travel Professionals.

How Corsa Cross-Country Variable Pricing Works

Corsa America Rally works on a variable pricing system.  Our survey results revealed over 80% of past participants prefer this system.  As time goes on, prices for our Rallies change, as hotel prices change.  The least expensive bookings are made the furthest out from the rally start date.  We are moving away from our discounts/sales in favor of transparent pricing.  The pricing schedule is here for your convenience, and prices change at 11:59pm on the last date.  The rally is limited to 125 cars on any leg.

All Past Guests will receive coupon codes valid for 5% off until August 15th, 2017.  After that point, no discounts will be available.

July 29th – November 27th, 2017:

Full Cross-Country:
$8,000 Deluxe Rooms | $11,000 Suites | $20,000 VIP Package


$3,000 Deluxe Rooms | $4,500 Suites |$9,000 VIP Package


$3,500 Deluxe Rooms | $4,750 Suites | $10,000 VIP Package

November 28th, 2017 – January 14th, 2018:

Full Cross-Country:
$8,500 Deluxe Rooms | $12,000 Suites | $21,000 VIP Package


$3,250 Deluxe Rooms | $4,750 Suites |$10,000 VIP Package


$3,750 Deluxe Rooms | $5,000 Suites | $11,000 VIP Package

January 15th, 2018 – April 1st, 2018:

Full Cross-Country:
$9,000 Deluxe Rooms | $13,000 Suites | $21,000 VIP Package


$3,500 Deluxe Rooms | $5,000 Suites |$10,000 VIP Package


$4,000 Deluxe Rooms | $5,250 Suites | $11,000 VIP Package


After April 1st, 2018, Pricing is variable based on Hotel Rates and Availability at the current time.  Pricing will be updated on the Sign-Up Page.