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  • Q: What is Corsa America Rally?
    A: Corsa America Rally is the Premier Automotive Lifestyle Exotic Car Rally in the United States. We are also the largest Exotic Car Rally in the United States. On a typical rally, we drive together in participant-owned exotic cars from city to city hosting events at Top Restaurants, Hotels, and Nightclubs. A typical Corsa America Rally stays only at 5-Star Hotels. We create unique bucket list routes for drivers to experience the best roads our country has to offer.

    Q: What is an Exotic Car Rally?
    A: An exotic car rally is when large groups of exotic and luxury cars get together for luxury drives around the country on public roads. Exotic Car Rallies are not races, but rather lifestyle driving events, meant to connect likeminded people from across the world, for a fun group vacation.  They usually cover exotic roads leading from city to city, in rural and urban areas. Most exotic car rallies charge an entry fee.  This can range from $100 – $100,000 depending on what is included, reputation of the rally, celebrity appearances, and sponsors. Some rallies include in their entry fees Lodging, Open Bars, Dinners, Parking, and more.  Some rallies operate for profit, others for charity, and a mix between the two.

    Q: I’ve seen the Cannonball Run Movie. Is this a real life Cannonball Run? Are you a race?
    A: No. We are NOT a race, and participants are required to obey all traffic laws. There are no awards for being the first team there. It is not beneficial to be the first team at the destination. Part of the Corsa Experience is driving together as a group.

    Q: How many events have you hosted?
    A: We have hosted 10 events as of November 2017.  Corsa America XEN will be our 10th!

    Q: Do you have to have an exotic car to join your rally?
    A: While we do cater to the exotic community, we also allow sports cars and muscle cars on the rally at our discretion.  Most of our participants drive the following brands:

    • Pagani
    • Bugatti
    • Koenigsegg
    • Ferrari
    • Lamborghini
    • Mclaren
    • Bentley
    • Rolls-Royce
    • Maserati
    • Porsche
    • Mercedes-Benz AMG
    • BMW M
    • Audi RS/S/R8
    • Dodge SRT/Viper

    Q: When was the first Corsa America Rally?
    A: The first rally we held was on October 11th, 2013.

    Q: How many rallies does Corsa America Rally put on each year?
    A: Usually 3 rallies per year, with 2 large rallies and 1 more localized Florida rally where we are based out of.

    Q: I heard Corsa America Rally is the largest rally in the U.S. Is that true?
    A: Corsa America Rally had the privilege of becoming the largest rally in the US in April 2016 with 123 cars on our Dragon 1100 Rally. We also had over 100 cars on the April 2017 rally once again becoming the largest in the U.S. for 2 years running. Our average rally is 100 cars, and 190 participants.

    Q: Do you have to wrap your car to participate on the rally?
    A: No, however, it is highly encouraged. We feel that cars that are wrapped are more into the rally spirit, and also help grab more attention, benefitting the owner, the rally, and our sponsors.

    Q: Is there anything I should do or bring on the rally?
    A: Come ready to have Fun! This is your vacation after all! Helpful items include costumes, a day bag you can fit in your car, snacks, and team souvenirs for fans we encounter along the way. Many teams have created T-Shirts, Keychains, and other fun giveaways for the Rally!

    Q: I want to see the Rally Cars, do you host Public Events?
    A: On any given rally we have community events, such as cars and coffee, exotic car parades, fundraisers, exotic drag racing, race tracks, and more that we have on our itinerary. Also make sure to check out our Facebook Page for Public Exotic Car Event postings. In addition, a schedule of public events will be posted on the Corsa America website 2 weeks before the event. You may also come visit us at the Hotels where we stop, many of them are listed on our event pages. Please note: We cannot guarantee arrival times at hotels, but most days end 1-2 hours before sunset with the exception of special events.

    Q: What cities have you visited in the past?
    A: Corsa America Exotic Car Rally has visited Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans, San Francisco, Denver, Orlando, Knoxville, Tampa, Jacksonville, Meadows of Dan, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Chicago to name a few. If we haven’t visited your city, or you’d like us to visit again please contact us, especially if you are involved in Tourism for your area. We’d love to work with you.

    Q: Is Corsa America Rally a Charity Event? How does it benefit the local community?
    A: While we are a for-profit business, every event has some integration with a local charity, from charity fundraisers to donations. In addition to our charitable work, our stops bring us to both rural and urban environments. We give an instant boost to local businesses by bringing high-income individuals to local restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and of course gas stations, boosting local business and tax revenues.

    Q: Are Deposits Refundable?
    A: Deposits are Non-Refundable. If payment is not made by the due date your spot may be forfeited.

    Q: What is the average length of a Corsa Rally?
    A: 3-9 Days.

    Q: What makes you unique from other rallies?
    A: We always strive to ensure we are in the Best Hotels in each city, choose the Best Nightclubs, and integrate with the best local events. We are a tight knit family, and 80% of our participants are return guests. We are not here to make some massive profit, we are doing this for the love of cars. We use our scale to offer experiences other rallies can’t, and are well-respected as the flagship rally for the United States. Many people are introduced to exotic car rallies through Corsa America Rally, and branch out to other events from there.

    Q: Why are you less expensive than other Exotic Car Rallies? Will I miss something other rallies offer?
    A: As the largest exotic car rally in the U.S., we are able to create incredible value for our participants by being able to negotiate better deals due to our scale. Therefore, we are less expensive than other rallies and in some cases a third of the cost per rally night. We are car enthusiasts at heart, and the Corsa Team does not put on events as a primary source of income. In many cases we simply break even. We offer most if not all experiences a more expensive rally has to offer, and in most cases provide a better experience. We work hard to earn and retain our participants by providing incredible experiences at a great value. Simply speaking, we don’t need to be the most expensive car rally to offer the best rally experience.

    Q: I am an Automotive Journalist or Local Media. How can I cover Corsa America Rally?
    A: Fill out our contact form describing who you work for, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We have accommodated many Journalists on our rallies.

    Q: Is your site secure?
    A: Our site uses the latest encryption standards, and is PCI-DSS certified, the gold standard in Credit Card Security. Our Payment Processor PayPal & Stripe also meets all encryption and PCI-DSS standards.

    Q: Alright I am ready to sign up. How do I do that?
    A: Click Here to Sign Up for our Exotic Car Rallies Online and a listing of our upcoming Exotic Car Events. We accept payment via. Paypal Account, Credit Card, or Bitcoin and many rallies offer Payment Plans/Deposits to split payments up to 45 days in advance.

    Still have questions? Email Us!