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    What is Corsa APEX?

    Corsa APEX is Corsa America Rally’s Premium Offering.  APEX Rallies are all-inclusive rallies and typically include 5-star Hotels, Top Nightclubs, Open Bars, Dinners, Concierge Service, Parking, Limo Service, Track Days, and More. 

    What is APEX Status?

    Coming for the launch of the 2018 Rally Season, we will reward our most frequent rally attendees with exclusive benefits. From Pre-Rally Concierge arrangements, VIP Treatment, and Luxurious Perks, a custom experience awaits you. Best of all, membership is automatic, and your tier will be determined based on previous rallies attended, or referrals of new rally attendees**. Finally a chance to get rewarded for sharing the Best Rally in the World with the your Friends & Family.