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  • Corsa America Rally was designed as the Premier Flagship Exotic Car Rally in the US for both high horsepower and exotic car enthusiasts. Corsa America Rally is the largest rally in the country with over 125 cars attending most of our rallies.  As one of the largest exotic car events in the country, we seek to provide incredible rally experiences at a reasonable price.  Corsa America Rally puts on multiple exotic car events around the U.S. every year.  Corsa America Rally is the #1 Exotic Car Rally in the country.

    Mission Statement:

    We coordinate events, plan excursions, and bring people together traveling along America’s best open roads. Attendees journey to unique destinations, stay at luxury 4-5* hotels, party until sunrise, and have an amazing time building lifelong friendships along the way.  

    We have experienced most rallies out there, taken bits and pieces of things that worked, and gotten rid of the things that don’t.   We believe in staying at great destination hotels, great clubs, open to all cars, and we have the hottest models that keep the parties going. We accomplish all this at a minimum costs to our guests whom we focus on making sure they have the time of their lives.

    Come check us out, browse our gallery, and use the social links in the footer of the site to connect with us!
    Check out our Corsa America Rally Informational Booklet!